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Friday, 06 May 2016  
Newsletter Tidings from 2014 and 2009 from Teal Lake, Hayward WI Print E-mail

Golfers on 12 tee boxMain Dock Sunset  Fun at the Lodge
Teal Lake Tidings January 2014 - written by Victoria Ross
Dear Friends of Ross' Teal Lake Lodge


Please take a moment to relax and escape as we update you on News from Teal Lake and Ross'. Styled like the chatty "Teal Lake Tidings", started by Nelson Ross in the 1930's and written by a family member ever since as a winter reach-out to our guests. So grab a coffee and enjoy. 


Now to the news...

4th Generation of Ross' has taken the reins! 

Victoria Ross 2013
Victoria fashioning the new sweatshirts


The biggest news at Teal Lake is that the generational passing of the baton is COMPLETE! Summer 2013 was the first season with both Tim and Prue retired (as retired as a resort person ever is!). Victoria has taken over full office and reservations responsibilities, while continuing to oversee full operations. We are blessed with a wonderful "seasoned" Senior staff who keep operations running smoothly. You will still find Tim and Prue on hand for the important jobs of talking to the guests, telling of the history, watching the 5th generation Grandson, and a resource for Victoria.

Hemlock cabin got a remodel. 

Hemlock lake view
The lakeview from Hemlock porch

Historic Hemlock cabin got first priority in Spring 2013 with a remodel. This 1- bedroom lakeside cabin is one of the 3 original structures on the property from 1921 when Walter and Virginia Ross bought the resort. It sits just below the Main Lodge and still has the original log construction on the outside, but has had remodels over the years as well as an added screen porch and full kitchen. The 2013 remodel opened up the center room making room for a King bed, with a twin bed/ sachet couch to the side. Hemlock now is a perfect honeymoon/ romantic cabin, be you cozy on the wrap around couch looking out the window or laying on the king bed enjoying the sounds and sights of the wood burning fireplace. The lake view also got trimmed, so sunset from the Screen porch is now even more spectacular. Hemlock's web page


Swimming Pool rose from the ashes.  

Big and deep at 9 feet. Swimming Fun.

A morning in June this last summer provided much excitement for Tristan (3 years old) as 4 BIG RED firetrucks rushed in the driveway with sirens going. The pool heater had caught on fire in the night, but luckily had put itself out by burning through a water line.  SO all ended well. We are proud and happy to announce the arrival of NEW Generation of BIGGER AND BETTER heaters that keeps the Swimming  pool at a balmy 81 degrees with no effort at all. come explore What to do at Teal Lake 

Wedding Bells rang at Teal Lake 

Memorial Day weekend 2013.  

Wildeboar Wedding
Wedding Ceremony on the Main Dock.


What a way to start the season! Feeding 80 guests with every cabin occupied from the starting gate. AND with the late Spring, some cabins only thawed out from winter 48 hours before occupied! But it all went perfectly and we had a wonderful time. The wedding couple, from Iowa, brought family and friends for a 4 day celebration. There was the classic Shoredinner outside for the grooms dinner, a beautiful ceremony on the Main Dock with trumpet serenade, pontoon departure of the bride and  groom, and a reception buffet dinner of Marinated Pork and Quail, that was enjoyed by all in the classic glow of the Main Lodge. The Evening ended with piano playing and singing in the Harbor Club. Thank you Matt and Emily for making us part of your special day/weekend. check out Banquet Services at Teal Lake 

Family reunions returned to Teal Lake. 

Irhke Family Reunion
The Ihrke Family 
Teal Lake guests since 1940's

We enjoyed welcoming many family reunions to Teal Lake this summer. Some new to Teal Lake and some who have been coming since the 1940's, and some returning back after 10 years. We wined and dined; complete with outdoor picnics with bonfires, buffet dinners, big breakfasts, and even a wine tasting put on by Prue comparing a Ruffino from 1976, 1988, 1991, 2008. There were fishing contests, in which a 9 year old won for the largest Musky! There were golf and bocci ball tournaments. And most importantly, time and space for everyone to reconnect. We must admit, hosting the family reunions and seeing the families grow, is one of our favorite parts of the business. Be they 20 staying in 2 cabins doing breakfast with us and dinners on their own, or 50 people staying in 12 cabins when we provide every meal, we love to adapt to each Family. Group Discount of 10% offered at Teal Lake

Monday nights - Chef Choice by Jeremy.

Jeremy presents Cajun night!




Monday nights became a real treat this last summer. Jeremy (the tall guy attached to Victoria and Tristan!) has been a well known cook in the area for over 10 years and 2013 was his first summer at the resort FULL time. 

Monday nights became his night to SHINE, with "chef choice." 



We never knew what was coming but it was always Amazing. The big outside picnic table would be set in family style service, a little mood music would be playing in the background, and 

Monday dinners are family style, for 2 or 4 legged members of the family. 

we would all wait (with a glass of wine) to see what came out. 

Be it Cajun night, Italian bread roll, choice of pastas or a 5 course dinner. It was usually about 12 people and ended up being quite the intimate dinner party.  We look forward to see what is up Jeremy's sleeve for Mondays in 2014.
explore our menu at Dinners at Teal Lake

Fishing on Teal. Slow start but HUGE finish!

Lerch Family found the bluegills
Lerch Family found the bluegills

With a snow storm that dropped 22 inches of snow, and the latest lake thaw in memory (May 3rd) - the fishing got off to a slow start. Everything ran one month behind for most of the summer. The muskies were active but hard to hook. Crappies and bluegills were jumping into the boats. The walleye were still hibernating! 


Then October came, and the annual Musky tournament! Teal Lake was proud to take 2nd place as producing the most muskies caught. 1st being Lost Land. We are also proud to announce that two of our guest got their names on the top 50 list. Congrats to John Stevenson and Ryan Sorenson. 

see all there is for Fishing and Boating at Teal Lake


Hole-in-ones were a trend 

at Teal Wing in July.

Hole in One! 4th in July
Kathleen's surprise Hole-in-One

There were 3 hole-in-ones at Teal Wing in July. Each on different holes, with differing skill behind the club. Teal Wing is living up to her mission of providing a memorable game for all skill levels and ages.


Congratulations to: 

Lowell Drenth of Little Rock IA, Hole #13 - 9 iron

Jeron Thompson of Verona WI - Hole #5 - 9 iron

Kathleen Krueger of Oshkosh, WI - Hole #13 - drive

 come see Teal Wing's complete list of Hole in One Club


Teal Wing Golf Club loves the snow.

Tristan golfing 2013
All ages are welcome at Teal Wing.

Teal Wing Golf Club is happily sleeping under a safe blanket of deep snow this winter. The deep snow means great things for golf in spring of 2014. The grass is protected and mother nature has plenty of water - all equals GREEEN!  Teal Wing welcomes all ages and skills with Senior rates now every weekday Monday thru Thursday, and Free golf for Kids on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons. The foxes and deer are waiting to see you out on the course, along with the Owls in the Hemlock forest.  

New for 2014- "Summer" is Summer rates throughout July and August (till 22nd). 

kids in hammock with dad
How many Astar's can fit in hammock?




We know how hard it is to fit everything in during the few short months of summer. Even harder in 2013 when all ran a month behind due to a late Spring. Teal Lake wants to make sure your family gets that family vacation and chance to build those memories. We have dropped the "peak rate" differentiation, so now people can enjoy the basic summer rates even if vacationing the last week of July and 1st week of August. Summer rates have lower weekday rates, so you can stay for a little bit longer. 







Fun in the water
It is hard to balance all the things to do at Teal Lake. 

Deposit Policy is adaptable on dates. Your deposit reserves you a cabin at Teal Lake, usually attached to a specific date. BUT if your dates change (in today's world of always changing), talk to us, we can adapt and move the deposit to a different date within the year. But please give us at least 3 weeks warning.

click for Rates and Packages


The Ross Family update. 

The Ross Family with visiting Brother Ken and Family July 2013

Our guests also become our friends and we always enjoy hearing an update on your family. As for ours, we are relieved to report ALL IS CALM and ALL ARE WELL!  Tim is doing well health wise, but old age is not kind (as I am sure many will agree), Prue has healed well from her shoulder injury and (dare we say) is enjoying being retired and spending time babysitting and reading her kindle.


Victoria, Jeremy, Tristan
Hope to see you in 2014
Tristan, Jeremy, Victoria. 


Victoria (me) and Jeremy and Tristan are enjoying life as a young family, filled with winter sledding and x-cross country skiing. Winter is our time to not only catch up on resort work, but also on familytime.The dogs Cricket and Gracie however, are missing the constant excitement of people in the resort and are looking forward to seeing you all in 2014 Summer (as are the humans).

Please contact us with your plans, and we will make your Teal Lake vacation HAPPEN for 2014. 

Stay warm and see you soon. 


Victoria (4th generation Ross now writing the Tidings)
and ALL the Ross Family




Ice is going, dogs are fishing


Teal Lake glimmers between the islands in the evening with open water, although the big lump of ice still floats around the middle. Bear has awoken, explored our dumpsters and went on his way leaving only BIG pawprints, after a brief discussion with the dogs. Foxes have been seen and look very healthy instead of mangy (we missed them for a few years). But…. These are sure signs of Spring!

The Golf course is ALMOST free of snow. Just enough left on north facing for the dogs to roll in! Remember we are week behind even Hayward, probably a month behind most of you: but that also means 10 degrees cooler in summer than Hayward, and 30 degrees cooler than Illinois!

We always like to send our news of “up north” in spring, to share with you, our dear Teal Lake resort guests/friends.  In the past, paper hard copy was the prefered... was traditional.. however, as much as we try to not change, we must adapt so please enjoy our TIDINGS ONLINE!  While here, sign up for our e-tidings to be sent directly to you.

3 green with new carts2008 brought a new golf cart fleet, and  were enjoyed.  But the Family-Friendly 4-seaters with two bench seats, facing forward, remained (for both IN resort use and golf use). Our families love them, and we truly welcome your next generation out on the golf course.4-seater Surrey golf carts









Story time at Teal Lake2008 also brought our very own, totally true, children’s story about 2 little baby birds who came along to work with Charlotte in the back of her truck (you know Charlotte from the Garden and from Housekeeping). Prue captured the story, and was photographed one day at her Story Hour outside the Main Lodge before dinner.

Mother Tinker




A SAD FAREWELL to our gentle yellow lab “Mother Tinker” who unexpectedly died this winter of cancer, and now lies alongside Duncan and other family dogs in the family plot off #18 fairway.


Cricket day 1 at Teal LakeAN EXCITED WELCOME is being prepared for a new Puppy, Cricket (yes, a yellow lab) in a week or two, who will bounce around the resort this year! Bring your kids and your four-legged family to come play. (update: Cricket arrived at Teal Lake on April 14! She is a pure joy to have around, and she thinks resort life is pretty nice too!)

Cricket supervising Prue game










FISHING 2008 was good (of course, perfect fishing weather helped.) Grandpa Gunkle with more walleyeLast summer not only made Teal Lake the envy of the area in Musky,Gunkle grandsons with Walleye stringer with some very big musky caught by professional guides (not our guests, so not our musky list), but we also saw stringers of fish for the first time in years.  A poor June was made up for by a superb September.Fishing with Grandpa1st Musky

Here are some pictures of the many fishing stories from Teal Lake last year. Musky lists ARE on the web, including 2008, (which have not been up for a couple of years due to the new format.) There were years in the ‘80’s and’90’s that people worried about the health of the fishery but they need worry no more.  DNR have confirmed what the fishermen are discovering: the size is splendid, when the fish are hungry! Come read the fishing reports and musky lists on the Musky list page

Fresh Green Fishing boatsBOATS: One of the ++s of 2008, was a whole fleet of newly reconditioned boats.    We had  been a bit negligent through the years, had even bought several new aluminum boats, but we decided that it was better to preserve those splendid big, heavy, quiet, fiberglass boats.  Last summer, one of our staff member eagerly flew out of the kitchen after first cooking your breakfast, to go to her prime interest, which was boat repair,!  She got through repairing the last one as the first snow flakes were flying, but all are now in readiness for 2009.

ISLAND AND SHORE DINNNERSShoredinner plate of yummies were as popular as ever, and with splendid weather provided some nice new pictures, good food, and good memories. (As the ad says) “Priceless!”Shoredinner on the Mainland  







2008 also brought the classic Walleye shore dinner onto the mainland - for nights that the dining room was closed. It was so successful that we plan to do it again in 2009. Come drool over the Shore dinner menu on the web and get lost in memories.

Island Picnic arrivalIsland activities







Thursdays are “all aboard!” for the Family ISLAND PICNIC, in summer, and will remain so… the only change for 2009 is a NEW nature walk to stand under the eagles NEW nest! We recarpeted the big pontoon for taking us to the island – ready for 2009. More details and menue on the Island Picnic page. Island picnicIsland Food








SO MUCH TO DO AT TEAL LAKE. Come see “WHAT TO DO AT TEAL LAKE ” sectionFresh painted Wagons
 on the web. The new bocci ball/croquet court if fully grown in, with its own red shed to hold the mallets and balls. The wagons have a new coat of paint and await Bocci Ballpassengers. The bikes have been to the bike doctor and await 2009 season. 



REUNIONS were huge part of the business in 2008.  Some families have been coming since the 1920’s, and as younger families began to feel the pinch of recession, grandparents stepped up to the plate. Victoria even got photos this year… below is a sampling. We areGunkle Family 2008 excited to welcome more reunions in 2009.


 The Gunkle Family joined us in July 2008. Highly successful fishing! The walleyes seem to simply jump into their boats. Moen Family




The Moen Family joins us every  late July. They bring a wonderful joy to the resort with their songs and openess to bring everyone into the conversatioin at the nightly bonfire.

Ihrke Family 2008




Ihrke Family have been coming to Ross' since the 1930's. They are always fun loving, serious fishermen,and a true pleasure to have at the resort. Corrigan Family 2008





Corrigan Family all collected at Teal Lake in August. It was wonderful too see them all again and see how the grandkids have grown. We will miss Grandpa Corrigan and are honored that he was able to visit Teal Lake one last time.  



Obama says we all must “do our part!” One little gesture up here is hiring Local! We have enjoyed having foreign staff mixed in for the last decade … but we took Obama’s direction to heart and decided we could manage without foreign staff. Our local staff hired this year have interests varying from Rodeo  Riding to Dog sledding, so we hope you enjoy talking to them.

Christmas with FamilyTim with CricketFAMILY NEWS  has been a bit rocky this winter but all is well now. Tim went in for minor back surgery (it went well) but picked up staph infection and came home ten weeks later!  It seems that the proverb “a week in bed takes two weeks recovery” is true, St. Patrick's day with Familybut soon his own golf cart will appear at our doorstep and sunshine is already enticing him out.   All grandchildren have been here this winter, and the personal computer is now packed with a hundred pictures of sledding, eating, board games.  Winter is our time to welcome our family, so we are ready to welcome your family in summer.   See you soon!


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