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Wednesday, 04 May 2016  
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Teal Lake Weather


Hayward is a lot further north than you expect! BUT WITH global warming, YOU CAN ADD A DEGREE OR TWO....

Teal Lake is ALSO a lot higher than Hayward! 300' higher elevation makes a big difference, as well as the fact that Teal Lake is up on the Great Divide (within five miles of where the rivers either flow north to the Great Lakes or south to the mighty Mississippi). Hayward is in a bowl, so when it is cold, the town of Hayward is colder. When it is hot, the town of Hayward is hotter - by about 10 degrees!

Teal Lake is up on the highlands! The lakefront is 10 degrees cooler than town, but in the depths of the primeval hemlock forest, in the middle of the golf course, between holes #10 and #11, it is another 5 degrees cooler again! Vacationers relish this natural coolness to make it a popular summer retreat in July and August. The lakeshore is a glorious summer retreat with the breeze off the lake blowing through, making comfortable during the day and cool in the evenings. Most guest homes have fans and some now have air conditioning, but Mother Nature does most of the cooling needed to stay comfortable.

What to expect by month, so you can plan your packing for your vacation:

January: Truly blisteringly cold! We used to say we "always have snow." Even in the last few years the resort has always been white out here at Teal Lake. We do not expect to see above freezing throughout January.
January Average Low: -2 Jan. Average High:19 January Records: -50 to 54!
One hundred degrees range!

 February: Usually plenty of snow, but often a handful of days may sneak just above freezing at a high.
February Average Low: 4 Feb. Average High: 26 February Records: -55 to 59!
Even nuttier than January!

March: The only excuse for March can be lots of snow, and maple syrup season (traditionally, around Teal Lake maple sap flow begins March 15) when the nights are below freezing and the days sunny and just above freezing to get the sap flowing.
March Average Low: 18 March Average High: 38 March Records: -48 to 72. That's truly crazy!

April: The end of maple syrup season, which coincides with the tree frogs croaking with the dusk. And yes, it's noisy! About April 15 we expect most nights to be stay above freezing. We watch the ice turn black on the lakes, and if there is a wind, we can go outside and listen to the gentle tinkling, like violins - it is the ice crystals on the water, as they break up, like glass rubbing together. When the wind really blows, we hear the ice grinding. It would pull our docks out if we had not removed them for winter (the stationary ice does not damage them, the power of wind in April does!).
April Average Low: 30 April Average High: 52 April Records: -5 to 89. Getting saner!

May Golf May - Oh, May: the North Country bursts forth (catching up with everywhere else)! It happens so fast, you can almost watch the leaves open. We say that May 15 is the day on which the leaves come out (at least the maples!). The lake ice has stay longer than welcomed only once in the last decade. Opening of fishing season is the first Saturday of May, usually finds the water temperature of our lakes about 40 degrees. By the end of May, Memorial Day weekend, we have the swimming pool ready: painted, filled, and heating - but we bemoan the money paid to the gas company with nights in the 40's, the days sometimes not higher than 60's. However, 2006 treated us to the '80's for Memorial weekend! But don't count on it. NEVER travel without a jacket, not even for a day trip. Bring gloves for fishing. Swimming: we have only swum in the lake on Memorial weekend once in the last quarter century but the pool is always heated!
May Average Low: 41 May Average High: 68 May Records: 12 to 92

June Sunset June: Truly, it can do anything! We sometimes see one frost, just enough to kill the young tomato plants. Old timers say you should not plant out the annuals until June 20! Most years you will get away with doing it sooner. The ground temperature has benefited from the strength of the northern sun, and the grass on the golf course is vibrant. The northern sun, at its highest, is also strong enough to produce severe sunburns -young waitresses, just out of school and tired after exams, fall asleep in the sunshine. Or fishermen and golfers might feel a bit chilly, but don't realize what a northern sun can do to an exposed and unprotected nose!
June Average Low: 51 June Average High: 74 June Records: 22 to 98
Bring that jacket and those shorts!

July: Classic Midwest growing season, with long hot days and a high sun, but we have had to ask our golf maintenance to refrain from gloves because it gave the wrong image! But we would not expect lower than 50's. Our evenings stay warm, but breezes come off the lake and cool down the resort overnight. While air conditioning has been installed in a couple of cabins in the last couple of years, we rely on those breezes that roll in from the lake. Time to enjoy the wonderful summer evenings.
July Average Low: 58 July Average High: 79 July Records: 30 to 102
(Yes, we did get frost on July 2, the year we opened the golf course - one doesn't forget those things!)

Relax in August August: Bit like June, it can go one-way or the other, but we still have wonderful swimming weather in the daytime. We make sure that we cover the heated pool in the evenings, which can often drop into the '60's. Our relaxed summer evenings continue, but usually with a light jacket, as the sun leaves us sooner, and the dusk comes earlier.
August Average Low: 56 Aug. Average High: 76 August Records: 25 to 100
(I warned you about those evenings getting cold at the end of August!)

 September at Teal Wing September: We hear talk of frost (but that's in the town of Hayward, down in the valley in the bowl). Out here at Teal Lake with our breezes off the lake, we see only one or two quick frosts in September. However, you will want to bring a jacket and also a flashlight as you come to dinner, as it will be colder and much darker when you leave the warm fireside of the huge stone fireplace! We also ask fishermen to come fully prepared for a 40-degree day out on the water (that means long underwear and extra glove liners!) In September we wait for the lake to "roll over" (that is when the surface chills, and the warmer water below comes up to the top). This affects the fishing and the biting and the catching! While we can have the most glorious warm sunny days, truly "Indian Summer," it is the season for layered dressing. (The Ross children grew up watching the old time fishing guides and trying to count the number of layers of collars and the cuffs!)
Sept. Average Low:44 Sept. Average High: 66 September Records: 16 to 95
FAQ: When is the color? It begins in late August, with the Yellow Birch that turns brilliant gold; soon followed by the Aspen and White Birch. The reds of the Maple are sometimes as early as mid September, but more likely toward the end. The deep, rich russets of the oaks are not seen until well into October. The golden wash of the Tamarack swamps are later in October. Nelson Ross always said the peak was September 21!

October: Like September, but more so.... Anything is to be expected. By closing in mid October, we have usually woken once to find the world white. We have usually had to hold back golfers for a two hour frost delay about two or three times. We have always been able to play by 10-11 a.m. (a foot print on a frozen golf green will leave a footprint that is still evident the next May.) This doesn't seem to affect us much, but please be prepared for it. The glorious magnificence of the forests compensates for an hour or two delay. Resort starts closing our summer cabins because of frozen pipe worries. Dining room / kitchen close around Oct. 10.
October Average Low: 33 Oct. Average High: 55 October Records: 3 to 87

November Sunset November: If fishing, come prepared! Prepared for not only good fishing, and some big musky, but prepared to perhaps have to take ice off those rods! If hunting, we hardly need to tell you to dress in layers: most seasons there might be a little snow for tracking.
Nov. Average Low: 21 Nov. Average High: 37 November Records: -32 to 73

December: Occasionally, you can drive on the lake in November, but by Christmas you don't have to worry about it. By the New Year, we expect to be able to safely travel and enjoy the lakes. DNR will put out warnings if the lakes are unsafe. We always picnic on the ice over New Year's. Holiday Season: Yes, we do expect good snow, for skiing, for snow shoeing, for sledding. Snowmobiling is not permitted on any of this property but you may want to rent machines elsewhere, and ride in the area.
Dec. Average Low: 7 Dec. Average High: 24 December Records: -52 to 61
(yes, I remember: we thought we would never have it warm enough & comfortable to go get that Christmas tree in 1983!)
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